2023 National Cocker Championship Information Page

2022 NCC Champion

FC Fallen Wings Cassandra of Triple Ridges "Sandy"
Owner: Faye & Barry Littlewood
Handler: Ralph Botti








2023 NCC Information:
2023 NCC Information Letter
2023 NCC Merchandise 

2023 NCC Map of Trial Grounds

2023 NCC Advertising Letter

2023 NCC Running Order  - Callbacks
2023 NCC Premium 

2023 NCC Qualifiers

(Must have a placement in the 2022 NCC, or at least 1 point from an Open Stake trial in 2023)

Entry - Hunt Secretary

ECSCA - FTC General Meeting Agenda
Robert E. Talbot Conservation Area
La Russell, MO

Judges for 2023:
Terry Oliver
Todd Stelzer

AKC Event Number:
Event Dates:

  December 6, 2023 to conclusion

Closing Date:

  1st = 10, 2nd = 6, 3rd = 4, 4th = 2
Entry Fee:
Officers of the ECSCA:
 Sally Rosenthal, President
 Joyce Winkels, Vice President

 Karen Whiitfield, Corres. Sec’y.
 Terri Burrows, Rec'd Sec'y.
Kathy Moseley, Treasurer

2023 General Chairmen:
 Bob Iverson and Robert Clayton
 Cheryl Dooley
  Kathy Mosely   risensonfarms@yahoo.com
Field Trial Committee:
 Bethann Wiley, Dan Murray,  Vicky Thomas, Tawney Crawford, Robert Clayton and Bob Iversen
Trial Schedule
  Tuesday, December 5, 2023        
                 Training Day                  9:00am – 1pm        
                 FTC Annual Meeting       3:00pm                   
                 Welcome Evening          5:00pm                  
  Wednesday, December 6, 2023
                                                NCC Starts - 1st Series
                                                Safety Meeting     7:30am     
                                                Trial Starts            8:00am      

  Thursday, December 7, 2023
                                                2nd Series (*)     8:00am
                                                Banquet              6:00pm   

  Friday, December 8, 2023
                                                3rd and 4th Series (*)     8:00am

  Saturday, December 9, 2023
                                                5th and Water Series (*)            8:00am
                                                Awards Ceremony Luncheon     

                                (*) - estimated

Gun Captain:
 Bob David,  Field Captain: Rex Humston
Gun Team:
 George Akkouris, Steve Collins, Bill Connors, Kenny Hanson, Steve Krueger, Mark Mercie, Jerry Mercie, Donny Pyle, Brandon Rogers, and Marl Rysavy
Guns Steward:
  Wayne Tissue
Gun Team Sponsor:
  Orton Platation
  Hunt Secretary
Entry Form:
  Hunt Secretary
Running Order:
   Best Western
   1200 E. Industrial Road
    Mt. Vernon, MO  65712
    Phone:  417-461-0230
    **Ask for 2023 NCC group for special rates - works for the dates for both the NCC and the NACC

    Double Room - $89.99
    King Room - $94.99
    Pet Fee - $20.00/day

Camping and RV's:
Alternate Hotels:

Airports/Car Rental:
Head Field Marshal:
  Cathy Iversen
Field Marshal Team:
  Mhari Peschel, Jeanne Nabity and Lisa Pyle
Judges Steward:
  Jim & Carol Clayton
Bird Baskets Coordinator:
  Kevin Gaddie
Bird Planter:
 Bruce Britton
Bird Supplier:
 Tommy Corbett & Jon Ryder
Game Steward:
 Phillip Thompson
Steward of the Beat:
 Paul McGagh
 Bob Iverson, Robert Clayton
Parking Coordinator:
 John Leininger
Grounds Committee:
 Paul McGagh, Robert Clayton, Bob Iversen
Patron Chair:
 Deb Strohl
Trophy Chair:
 Chris Dartt
Hospitality Committee:
 Carolyn Long & Robert Clayton
Jamie Mowder & Cathy Iversen
Fundraising Chair:
 Vicky Thomas
Catalog Chair:
 Susan Saraccino-Deihl & Vicky Thomas

Advertising Chair:
  Vicky Thomas & Cheryl Dooley
Photographer Sponsor:
 Katie Gorecki
Training Day:
  Coordinators - Mike Strittmatter, Phillip Thompson
Emergency Response:
 Bob Iversen
Emergency Info:
 For all emergencies call 911

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