Meet The Dogs

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fly_sm.jpg (15138 bytes) 

Barshall Firefly, "Fly" 
Owner(s): Jack and Lorrie Jones

bella_sm.jpg (13113 bytes) 

Belle of Oahe "Bella" 
Owner(s): Mike Gilpin 


FC Bellsmill Babs "Ellie" 
Owner: Ernie Hasse 

taff_sm.jpg (13232 bytes) 

Biswell Cymro Ddu "Taff" 
Owner(s: Jim Karlovec 

Blaze of Dryslwyn, "Whako" 
Owners: A.R. and Ollie Ginn, Jr.
FC Bramblewood Buzzsaw, "Lacey" 
Owner: Andrea Hasse
Bramblewood Can't Stop Me, 
Owners:  Cheryl & Joe Demarkis 
radar_sm.jpg (13068 bytes) 
Bramblewoods Clayberrys Radar, "Radar" 
Owner(s): Steve and Renee Johnson 
Bramblewood Marshbank's Era, JH, SH "Koby" 
Owner: Dick Dixon
CFC Bryor Oaks Marlock, "Max" 
Owners: Chris and John Dartt
budman_sm.jpg (10089 bytes)
FC Budman Fifty Seven, "Budman" 
Owner(s): Sam McQuade
buster_sm.jpg (14483 bytes) 
FC Buster Brown King of Meadow "Buster"
Owner(s): Michael Ludwig
fudgey_sm.jpg (14135 bytes) 

FC Calgary of Toluca, "Fudgy" 
Owner(s): Alan and Sue Wilson

Carry-On Han Solo, WDX JH, SH, "Hanny" 
Owner: Meaghan Skaggs
Characole Queen of Meadow, "Chara" 
Owner: Mike Ludwig

NFC/FC/ENFC Chyknell Megan 
Owners: Ollie and A.R. Ginn Jr. 

Columbia's Blodeuyn Dug, "Dixie" 
Owners: Steve and Sharlyn Dimick
lad_sm.jpg (14126 bytes) 

FC Columbia's Magnum Lad, "Lad" 
Owner(s): Sharlyn and Steve Dimick 


Corazon Chyknell Monty 
Owner:  A.R. Ginn, Jr 

Chyknell Red Kite (Midge)
Owned by A.R. Ginn 
FC Crayford Kennie of Kingcott, "Frank,"  
Owner: Rumi Schroeder 
NFC/FC Creignant Mordred, "Merlin" 
Owner: Ramon Rusia
nugget_sm.jpg (12466 bytes)
FC Crookhill Nugget "Nugget"
Owner(s): Ollie and A.R. Ginn

freckles1_sm.jpg (14538 bytes) 

NFC/FC Darag Caol Shraid Marshen, "Freckles" (Retired) 
Owner(s): Arthur E. Person


Dardnell Denby Of Windmillwood, "Jazz" 
Owner: Benjamin Schleider

FC Deanbank Maggie Kate, "Maggie" 
Owners: Mike and Rumi Schroeder
millie_sm.jpg (15272 bytes) 

NFC/FC Diana Floss of Windmillwood "Millie" 
Owner(s): Martha Calabrese/Harold Bixby 

twm_sm.jpg (17303 bytes) 

Dolgarreg Ci Bychan "Twm" 
Owner: Tom Calabrese and Harold Bixby 

FC Eythrope Xantia, Rosie

jack_sm.jpg (12577 bytes) 

FC Fallen Wing's Black Jackie, "Jack" 
Owner(s): Ellen Dryke

cody_sm.jpg (12393 bytes) 

Fallen Wings Cody, "Cody" 
Owner(s): Kevin Martineau

cricket_sm.jpg (12244 bytes) 

FC Fallen Wing's Cricket, "Cricket" (Retired) 
Owner(s): Chris & John Dartt

Fallen Wing's Elvis 
Black and Tan dog....
 Fallen Wing's Sergant Pepper, "Pepper" 
Owners: Chris and John Dartt
FC Fallen Wing's Whitney Morgan, "Morgan" 
Owner: Debra Strohl
 Filson's Flying Cloud, MH "Dutch" 
Owners: Cary and Barbara Haupt
 FC/EFC Findlay's Flyer, "Merrin" 
Owner: Vicky Thomas
 rocky2_sm.jpg (11299 bytes) 
NFC/FC Flathome Accord, "Rocky" 
Owner(s): Ernie Hasse 
clancey_sm.jpg (13756 bytes) 
 FC Clancey of Flatwater "Clancey" 
Owner(s):Tom Hartman
AFC Fallen Wings Grasshopper, "Dobie" 
Owner(s): Chris and John Dartt

FC Gilly Daydream, "Gilly" 
Owner: Don Valentine

Glendower Court Rowdy Roscoe

rocky1_sm.jpg (14755 bytes) 

FC Griffins Pride Rocky, "Rocky" 
Owner(s): Mark Rose

 FC Humbolt Bay Rudy 
 Owner Alan Roberts 

meg_sm.jpg (13612 bytes) 

FC Kenyee Donna of Windmillwood "Meg" 
Owner: Harold Bixby

FC  Kirkstall Dabshick, "Cracker" 
Owner: David and Mary Nell Spaw
FC Krosswind Ricochet, Riki 
Owner: Robin Putnam

misty_sm.jpg (14087 bytes) 

FC/CFC Lockeridge Llywn Niwl, "Misty" (Retired)


Lockeridge Lucy of Columbia "Lucy" (Retired)

annie_sm.jpg (9022 bytes) 

MacKrells Annie Getcha Gun "Annie" 
Owner: Jim and Cathy MacKrell

pride_sm.jpg (17744 bytes)
FC Madison's Pride and Passion "Pride", MH (ACS)
Owner: Trish Jackson
sherry_sm.jpg (11610 bytes)
Maesydderwen Yap "Sherry"
Owner: Ernie Hasse
Maximum’s Infinite Talon WDX  "Talon" 
Owner:  Scott A. Groff
Maximum Wings Looks From Above WDX “Sprout” 
Owner:  Scott A. Groff
megan_sm.jpg (8234 bytes) 
Megan of the Missouri, "Megan" 
Owner(s): Kevin Ritter
Middletown's Toluca Ambre,WDX "Ambre" 
Owners: Sue and Alan Wilson
loki_sm.jpg (12641 bytes) 
Mr. Loakameyer from Outwest "Loki" (Retired)
Owner(s): Buck and Elaine Grabowski
brit_sm.jpg (11928 bytes) 

FC Nancarrow Rosy Mantle, "Brit" (Retired) 
Owner(s): Arthur E. Person

FC Norbeck Arfer Mole, "Barney"
Owner: Harold Bixby

tess_sm.jpg (15045 bytes) 

FC Oahe Contessa Blaze, "Tessie" 
Owner(s): Dean and Deb Knudsen

Oahe Penelope, "Penny" 
 Owner: Hobson Brown

FC Oahe Sentinel "Hoover" 
Owners: John and Susan Mullin 

spice_sm.jpg (13932 bytes)
FC Oahe Spice "Spice"
Owners: Jim Bell and John Kelsey
kona_sm.jpg (13501 bytes)
Oak Alley Avocet "Kona"
Owner(s): Arthur E. Person 
Oak Alley Cardinal 
Owner: Steve and Mary Sarmiento
Oak Alley Finch, "Finch"
Owner: Tawney Crawford
monty_sm.jpg (11666 bytes) 

FC Oak Alley Golden Plover "Monty" 
Owner: Ollie and A.R. Ginn Jr.

speck_sm.jpg (14682 bytes) 

FC Oak Alley Kestrel, "Speck" 
Owner(s): Michael Delaney


spot_sm.jpg (16540 bytes) 

FC Oak Alley Peregrine, "Spot" 
Owner(s): Ralph Leonard

natchez_sm.jpg (12348 bytes) 

FC Oak Alley Snowy Egret, "Natchez" 
Owner(s): Vicky L. Thomas 

sprig_sm.jpg (11320 bytes) 

FC EFC Omachie Tarf, "Sprig" (Retired) 
Owner(s): John and Sheila Courts

rugger_sm.jpg (12825 bytes)
Outwest Rugby "Rugger"
Owner(s): Buck and Elaine Grabowski 


lucy1_sm.jpg (11787 bytes) 

FC Parkbreck Moorhen, "Lucy" (Retired) 
Owner(s): Paul G. McGagh

rush_sm.jpg (16604 bytes)
Parkbreck Vandle, C.D., M.H. "Rush"
Owner(s): Tawney Crawford
stu_sm.jpg (11590 bytes) 

FC/CFC Parkbreck Warlord, "Stu" (Retired) 
Owner(s): James and Deborah Karlovec


Phantomwood Omo Bodi, SH "Bodi" 
O: John and Leslie Holland

skye_sm.jpg (12492 bytes) 

Phlatlands Northern Skye, "Sky" 
Owner(s): Tony and Bethann Roettger

shadow_sm.jpg (15807 bytes)
Prairie Marsh Cattail Shadow "Shadow"
Owner: Robyn Dammel
FC Prairie Marsh Chase
Owners: Kim And Shelley Wiley
mo_sm.jpg (13539 bytes) 

FC Prairie Marsh Elwood Mo Blue, "Mo" 
Owner(s): Pete Dammel

Premnay Hazel "Hazel"
Bred in Aberdeenshire, and now lives
and works in the county of Moray, Scotland
Owner:  Julian Schmechel, 
( in the Scottish Highlands ). 
bruno_sm.jpg (14744 bytes)
Priors Meadow Bruno, "Bruno" 
Owner(s): Tim Hixton
silk_sm.jpg (16895 bytes)
FC/EFC Priorsmeadow Miss Cheeky "Silk" 
Owner: John Kelsey
Priorsmeadow Yasmin, "Yasmin" 
Owners: Tony and Bethann Roettger
 shana_sm.jpg (12286 bytes) 

Pudg’gee Ann’s Pride and Joy WDX, MH, "Shana" 
Owner(s): Robert and Marsha Linehan 

splash_sm.jpg (16085 bytes) 

FC Raintree Off The Deepend, "Splash" 
Owner(s): William R. Crawford

zoe_sm.jpg (14196 bytes) 

FC Raintree Warrener's Zoe, "Zoe" 
Owner(s): Jack Cheatham

FC Retford Toffee "Freddy" 
Owner: William Drake
susie_sm.jpg (14838 bytes) 

FC Rowston Smurf "Susie" 
Owner: Jim Bell

ruby_sm.jpg (12726 bytes) 

FC Ruby Rubster Warrener, "Ruby" (Retired) 
Owner(s): Jack Cheatham


Palmers Rowdy Ranger - SH, JH 


Sanford Guinevere, SH "Carly" 
Owner: Tony and Bethann Roettger

FC Sara's Lady Riley
Owner: Bobby Meadows
Scrabble of Fallen Wing's
 FC Scrappy's Freckles, "Freckles" 
 Owner: Robert Scarlett
FC Shelmar's Double Trouble, "Trouble" 
Owner: Tom Kleene
 FC Shelmar's Goin' Jessie, "Jessie" 
Owner: Dr. Robert Seaburg
 Shelmar's The Dude, "Dude" 
Owners: Kim and Shelley Wiley
Spike Of Simwood
Owner: Dr. Fred Simmons 
Squareclose Flyer of Pittendreich, JH "Ben"
Owners: Linda and Cindy Stinson 
tahoe_sm.jpg (14098 bytes)
Tahoa "Tahoe"
Owners: Ollie and A.R. Ginn
eden_sm.jpg (15863 bytes) 

FC Toluca's Eden P-Nut, "Eden" 
Owner(s): Missy Meske


Toluca's Glasgow "Wilson"
Owners: Ron and Donna Hall

scooby_sm.jpg (16700 bytes) 

FC Troublesome Sam Maesydderwen, "Scooby" 
Owner(s): S. Lynne and Betty Owen


Voxton Bruinidh Braew WDX, JH, "Mocchi" 
Owner:  Meg Skaggs

cinders_sm.jpg (12008 bytes) 

FC Warrener's Blackbird, "Cinders" 
Owner(s): Vicky L. Thomas

FC Warreners Black Scoter, "Oscar" Owner: Hobson Brown
NCFC/FC Warrener's California Quail, MH "Storm" 
Owner:  Paul McGagh
porter_sm.jpg (15854 bytes) 

FC Warrener's Mistle Thrush, "Porter" 
Owner(s): Vicky L. Thomas

dace_sm.jpg (11577 bytes) 

FC Warrener's Red Grouse, "Dace" 
Owner(s): Larry and Charlene Curtis Dihel 


Warrener's Roseate Spoonbill (Banner) owned by Mike Zook 

gypsie_sm.jpg (13178 bytes) 
FC Warrener's Song Thrush, "Gypsy" (Retired) 
Owner(s): Bob and Carolyn Ludwig
FC Warrener's Western Sandpiper, "Ritz" 
Owners: Bob and Tawney Crawford
Warrener's Cliff Swallow (Spook)
Owned by Vicky Thomas

Warrener’s Common Nighthawk, “Ty”
Owner(s): Donna and Ron Hall
Warrener's Green Kingfisher (Lizzy) owned by Dennis Joannides

 Warrener's Indigo Bunting (Madigan) owned by Dennis Joannides
Warrener's White-Faced Ibis (Bismarck) owned by Jeff Janousek
Warrener's White Ibis (Smokey)
Owned by Vicky Thomas
chilie_sm.jpg (13384 bytes)
Warrener's Willow Warbler "Chilie"
Owner(s):John Holland and Leslie Williams

FC Warrener's Yellowhammer, "Sydney" 
Owner: Vicky L. Thomas
 sandy_sm.jpg (12687 bytes)
CFC Windmillwood Honey, "Sandy" 
Owner(s): John and Sheila Court
 Windsor Beach Fly Girl, SH, "Ellie" 
Owners: Debbie Curtis and S.B. McClarin
 Windsor Beach High Gun, "Gunner" 
Owners: Debbie Curtis and S.B. McClarin
 Windwhistle Padraig, "Paddy" 
Owner: Mike Delaney
Winridge's Boomerang, "Boomer" 
Owner: Dennis Joannides

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