2009 National Cocker Championship
Dyson Orchard,
Clinton Corners, NY




2009 NCC Information: 

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Location:    Dyson Orchard,   Clinton Corners, NY
Judges for 2009:

Ben Martin
5073 Shaker Rd
Franklin, OH 45005-5155
# Z5378

Mike Noland
1182 Trowbridge Drive
Oshawa, ONT LIG7H2

# 17120


Jerry Light
7774 S.W. Millerglen Dr
Beaverton, OR 97007

# Z6088


AKC Event Number:
  November 5 through 8, 2009

  October 6, 2009

  1st = 10, 2nd = 6, 3rd = 4, 4th = 2 
Entry Fee:
Host Club:
  Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Club of America
2009 General Chair:
  Barbara Haupt   Email     Letter from the Chair
  Rumi Schroeder   Email
Field Trial Committee:
  Michael Gilpin, Marilyn Gilpin, Rumi Schroeder, Shelley Huenergardt,
  Dick Dixon, Cary Haupt and Terry Oliver
Trial Schedule:

  Training Wednesday. Welcome event on Wednesday evening at hotel headquarters.
  Trial will run from Thursday morning until completion. Thursday night dinner near grounds; Friday banquet.

Steward of the Beat:
  Kevin Battistoni
Gun Captain:

  John Castellani

Gun Team:

  John Castellani (Captain), Lee Ames, Dave Barto, Don Wagner, Dennis Merrey, Trent Bosse, George Akkouris, Steve Tzinis

Grounds Provided By:
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dyson, Spring Hill Farm, 3625 Route 82, Millbrook, NY 12545
  2009 NCC Premium
Entry Form:
Reservation Form: 
Running Orders: 

  Holiday Inn - Kingston, NY       Click here to make Reservations

  Group rates are valid for booking from June 30, 2009 through October 15, 2009

Current Weather:
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Airports :
Car rental: 


Head Field Marshal:
  Marilyn Gilpin
Field Marshals: 
  Roxane Poray, Patti Simmons and Deb Olszewski
Judges Steward:
  Sheila Courts

Steward for Guns/Marshals and
Bird Planters :

  Sue Rose
Chair of Bird Baskets:
  Dick Dixon (will coordinate, assign and instruct Basket Stewards)
Bird Planter: 
  Mike Schroeder (Billy Akkouris and Robb Cotiaux to assist)
Bird Supplier:
  Billy Akkouris
Game Steward:
  Bobby Cacchio
Patron & Travel Chair:
  Sue Wilson  Email
Trophy Chair:
  Chris Dartt
Hospitality Chair:
  Noel Cacchio
Fundraising Chair :

  Mike Gilpin

Boutique/Merchandise Chair:
  Barbara Haupt
Catalog Chair:

  Susan Sarracino-Deihl   Email

Grounds Committee: 
  Terry Oliver and Fred Bradley will supervise field trial site and all equipment at site.
Raffle/Silent Auction:
  Shelley Huenergardt   Email
2009 Gun Raffle:

  Run by Terry Oliver  Email   $5000 credit on custom shotgun from Beretta importer Rich Cole.

                 Click here for details!     View in Microsoft Word

Dean Knudsen won the Gun Raffle.
Don Wagner was runner up in case Dean decides not to take it.


  Shannon Wooten

  View/Order 2009 NCC Photos!  Username:  ncc2009, Password:  17618

Training Day:

  Wednesday afternoon at the Tamarack Preserve in Millbrook, NY.
  Bird order will be placed prior to the training day.

Emergency Response:
  Cary Haupt and Robb Cotiaux
  Barbara Clayton
Web Page:

2010 Chair:
2010 Judges:
  Chuck Nelson and Lynn Miller