Harold S. Bixby Service Award

The Harold S. Bixby Service Award was dedicated to a person, Mr. Harold Bixby, who has given an immense
amount of time and energy to cocker field trials. This award had gone unnamed until 2005. The award now honors
Mr. Harold Bixby, a true gentleman of the game. The official wording for this award, which will continue to be awarded at the National Championship Field Trial, is this:

The Harold S. Bixby service Award recognizes the individual who has continuously, unselfishly, and distinctly given
of themselves to advance the cause of English Cockers’ field work. The winner is selected to exemplify the high standards
set by Harold S. Bixby, whose generosity and unselfish support of English Cockers in the field has contributed enormously
to the success in all field events.

The Harold S. Bixby Service Award may be given annually at the discretion of the ECSCA FTC in recognition of the
individual who has continuously endeavored to promote the spirit of English Cockers working in the field. The recipient
will be nominated and selected by the ECSCA FTC members and awarded at
the National Cocker Championship banquet of that year.



2021 - Califon, NJ

Cheryl Dooley
2020 - Bismarck, ND

Nadine Kohn
2019 October 29 - Nov. 1, Iowa

Deb Strohl
2018 October 21 - 27, Elmira, NY

Fred Bradley
2017 Nov. 1 - Nov 4  Zenda, KS

Chris Dartt
2016 Oct 26-29, Forado, MN

 Bethann Wiley
2015 Oct 28-31, North Adams, MI

 Sue Wilson
2014 Oct 29 - Nov. 1, Altoona, PA
   A.R. Ginn
2013 Oct 23-26, Menoken, ND

Tawney Crawford
2012 Oct 29-30, Albion, MI
Sheila Courts
2011 Oct 26-29, Staples, MN
Rumi Schroeder
2010 Oct 29-30, Albion, MI

Barbara Haupt
2009 Nov 5-7, Verplank, NY

Tom Ness
2008 Oct 18-20, Belgrade, MT

Paul McGagh
2007 Oct 25-27, Reedsville, WI

Sue Sellers Rose
2006 Oct 26-28, Morley, MI

Kevin Peterson
2005 Oct 20-22, Bismarck, ND
Dave Barto
2004 Oct 29-31, Leicester, NY
Karen Spurlin
2003 Oct31-Nov 2, Hastings, NB
Vicky Thomas
2002 Oct 25-27, Milo, ME
Arthur Person