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2020 ECSCA Field Trial Committee Members:

Dawn Schuster - Chairperson/Member at Large
Jordan Horak- Central Region
Cheryl Dooley -
Western Region
Mike Ludwig - Eastern Region
Pat Keliher- Member at Large
Chris Dartt  - Member at Large
Ron Bullock- Member at Large


FTC Year End Report

NCC Judges Questionnaire

The FTC currently meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month - the minutes are posted approximately a week later.  If you have any questions please contact your region representative or any FTC member.

To join the Fieldcockers Yahoogroup list go to:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/search?query=Fieldcockers

to search for the group and sign up to be on the email discussion list.
Meeting Minutes from August 20, 2020 meeting

Respectful Handling of Field Trial Game Document (May 2018)

Budget Planning form - Required for ECSCA sponsered trials

NCC Trophies High Point Awards, Bixby Award (Updated 1/10/2018)

NCC and Annual Awards Protocol

FTC Field Trial Request Form

Cocker Judging Criteria - Updated May 3, 2016

Prior Meeting Minutes by date.