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2019 ECSCA Field Trial Committee Members:

Dawn Schuster - Chairperson/Member at Large
Jordan Horak- Central Region
Cheryl Dooley -
Western Region
Mike Ludwig - Eastern Region
Pat Keliher- Member at Large
Chris Dartt  - Member at Large
Dominique Savoie - Member at Large


FTC Year End Report

NCC Judges Questionnaire

The FTC currently meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month - the minutes are posted approximately a week later.  If you have any questions please contact your region representative or any FTC member.

To join the Fieldcockers Yahoogroup list go to:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/search?query=Fieldcockers

to search for the group and sign up to be on the email discussion list.
Minutes from the October 28, 2019 FTC Meeting  - annual NCC meeting

Respectful Handling of Field Trial Game Document (May 2018)

Budget Planning form - Required for ECSCA sponsered trials

NCC Trophies High Point Awards, Bixby Award (Updated 1/10/2018)

NCC and Annual Awards Protocol

FTC Field Trial Request Form

Cocker Judging Criteria - Updated May 3, 2016

Prior Meeting Minutes by date.