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Field Trial Secretaries, if you would like to make your premium list, entry, maps, running orders, etc. available for people to download e-mail them In addition, e-mail them the date, location and contact information for the trial so it can be posted on the events calendar. Finally after the trial send the results via e-mail with the full catalog entry for the dogs that placed.

In addition to the AKC and ECSCA, please send results via e-mail to: Sue Rose  (so results can be  be entered into the National Qualifier Database) Please send the complete catalog entry for the National database for any new qualifier. Thank you for your help.

For your convenience here is a premium list template. You can find a sample entry form on the Mid-Atlantic Hunting Spaniel Club website (thank you!) at
Here is another site that provides the means to create entries - Oak    This is a great site to use!

***You must still send premiums and entry forms via U.S. mail unless the trialer let's you know there is no need to. Not all of our membership has computer access or checks their email accounts regularly. Contact Sue Rose  for the latest trialers' mailing labels. It is updated monthly.***