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You can go to the OFA  site and look up a dog to see what the hips are.
CERF  -  Eye Information - ask for proof.
PRA (genetic eye disease) and AMS (Acral Mutilation Syndrome)  - these are DNA tests that can be done on the Sire and Dam
Ask the breeder about these tests.


For Sale  804202202
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies
DOB 6/19/2022
8 females and 1 male
National Champion Bloodlines

Sire: Barren River Ray
(NFC FC Warreners Whip-Poor-Will  "Troy" x Ryobi Jazzidancer)


Dam: Barren River Dot
(Chesire Grope X Chesire Sambo)


Pups are white with tan or black markings.
Please note that the sire is directly our of NFC "Troy" and the dam is out
of a son of NFC "Cato".

These pups are bred to be highly intelligent and to be top gundogs.
Please view my website for detailed pictures of all
puppies and pedigrees.

Barren River Kennels
Scottsville, KY
Chad Harston
For Sale  801202201
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies

DOB 6/30/2022
Price $1,500
Five Total - 3 Females and 2 Males
1 Female Liver with white markings
2 Females with white and golden head markings
1 Male Liver with white markings
1 Male Golden with white markings

 pup3 pup1 pup2 pup4
pup5 pup6 pup7

Sire: Prairie Marsh Scout AKC # SR95093103
(Sire's Parents:  Fallen Wings Blue Cotton AFC X FC Oahe Stella)

Dam: Ellie Highland Princess AKC# SS21281003
(Dam's parents: Bentleystopaz X Berkeleys Sig)
Fourth and Fifth generation Field Champion Bloodlines

Campbell's Cockers

Contact Number: 208-739-5173

Five BEAUTIFUL field bred English Cocker Spaniel puppies who have field champion bloodlines.
These dogs are incredibly intelligent and love to work and please.
They are amazing in the field and wonderful family pets as well.
They are very loving and affectionate. This litter has three females and two males.
There is one golden male with white markings on his head and belly and
one chocolate male with a few white markings.
There are two white females with brown markings on their heads and
one chocolate female with white markings on her paws and belly.
They have their dew claws off and a third of their tails docked.
They will be ready with shots and deworming and papers after 8/30/2022.

 Please contact me for more information! 208-739-5173 $500 non-refundable deposit.

For Sale 072322 - 02
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppy

 Whelped 6/12/2022.  Ready to go home 8/6-7/2022.

One female from litter of six.  Solid liver w/small white blaze on chest



Sire: Stonewalker Clutch
(FC AFC Piasa Creeks Biar Patch X FC Fallen Wings Liza of Stonewalker SH)
Achievements: Senior Hunter, 15 Field Champion points
OFA Hips Good. Eyes Normal. ECS DNA panel Clear.


Dam: Wrightstown Princess Ella SH
(FC Rock Rivers Muddy Paws of Gus X Gable and Prairie Marsh Second Chance SH)
OFA Hips Good. Eyes Clear. ECS DNA panel Clear.
Achievements: Senior Hunter, 3 Amateur Feld Champion points

Both parents are excellent bird dogs and really great in the family.

Wrightstown Smithy’s Kennel
Jerry Mayer
Dousman, WI 53118

For Sale 062722 - 02
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Pups from two litters available!

Litter #1 - DOB: 5/24/2022
Black/Tan females and Black females available

Dam:  Kline's Creekside Maggie "Maggie"
Sire:  Lighthouse Vicious "Syd"

Litter #2 - DOB: 5/26/2022
Black female & Blue roan female available

Dam: Springhill Nohea Mission Buttercup "Butter"
Sire: Lighthouse Stuck On Me "Glue"

Roan girl Black girl

Jason & Kaye Givens
Lighthouse Kennels
Cambria, WI
920-629-6367 or 920-207-8757

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 041122 - 02
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies

    DOB 3/19/22      
  Two males left!

Sire: AFC Fallen Wing's Blue Cotton 4/3/14 OFA fair

Dam: Spectacular Twospot Spunky JH 4/25/17 OFA fair


Pedigree on Request
Contact: Kent Rydberg

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 1228021 - 02
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies

One Male Avialable - ready to go home April 20th


FC AFC Fallen wings Johnie  X Doorcreek Double Fudge

OFA GOOD                                     OFA GOOD

Eyes Clear                                       Eyes Clear

AMS Clear                                       Eyes Clear

Pedigrees and pictures at request

Doorcreek Kennels

Mazomanie WI

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 11122021 - 02
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies

 Whelped 10/30/21 - Ready to go home12/23/21
Five males & 3 females. 
B&W and L&W are roaning.  2 light w/tan,
2 liver, 1 black & 1 golden
litter1  litter2

Sire: FC Rock River’s Muddy Paws of Gus and Gable “Auggie”
(FC AFC Prairie March MacFhearghus MH & Rock River’s Anne of Green Gable MH)
Achievements: Field Champion & Master Hunter
OFA Hips Good. Eyes Normal. ECS DNA panel Clear.

Dam: Prairie Marsh Second Chance SH
(Prairie Marsh MacDougal & Cheryl’s Copper Cady Girl Sh)
OFA Hips Good. Eyes Clear. ECS DNA panel Clear.
Achievements: 2017 AKC Cocker Spaniel High Point Puppy,
Points accumulated in both Open and Amateur Field Trials,
Senior Hunter

Both parents are top bird dogs and just really great in the family.
My son owns Auggie and I handle him in field trials. 
Mattie joined our family five years ago.  I will continue to run both dogs in future trials.
References upon request.

Wrightstown Smithy’s Kennel
Jerry Mayer
W355 S3384 Hawks Hollow
Dousman, WI 53118

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 09142021 - 01
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies
DOB: 7/21/2021
4 Females available


Sire: FC AFC Fallen wing’s Teachers Pet
OFA Good
EYES Clear

DAM: Doorcreek’s Chocolate Chunk
OFA Good
EYES Clear

Chuck Nelson
Mazomanie, WI


**** SOLD ****
For Sale 09062021 - 01
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies

DOB 06/21/21
3 Females avialable

Pups1  pups2

Sire: FC Ballymena's Bold Bodhran

Dam. Quinn and Briar's Sweet Anna

(Both sire and dam OFA good)

Breeder: Rob Barlow
Contact: 541-215-2579
Facebook:  Whitewater Gundog Training

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 09032021 - 02
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel

Finished Dog
(DOB 7/19/2019)


Doorcreek Brewer  "Brewer"
(FC AFC Shogun's Hunting Star Winchester MHA x Oahe's Burnt Cookie of Doorcreek)

Brewer is a smaller, red, close working male.  He has a nice flush, a good delivery and a kind mouth.
Brewer is steady to wing and shot and a good swimmer.
 He is a very social dog and gets along with everyone in the kennel.
A tough decision to sell him but we don't think he will make it as a world class field trial dog.
He is a very nice personal gun dog.
(He is an AMS carrier)
Brewer has had 120 birds shot over him.
 (a combination of pheasants, chukar, quail and pigeons.)

**We require that the dog has a safe place to exercise
(i.e. a fenced backyard or something similar).
A dog like this will take a minimum of 4 weeks to build a relationship and trust
before a new owner can take him hunting.

Kim Wiley

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 08312021 - 01
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies

DOB (6/12/21)  $ 2,000
Two liver and white males
pup2 pup1 

 Sire:  Bellsmill Pale
 Eye Cerf: Normal
OFA/Penn Hip Rating: Good
( GB.FtCh  Jackshea Ted Of Poolgreen x Bellsmill Jo Lene)


Dam:  Juggernaut’s Dont Talk About It
Eye Cerf: Normal
OFA/Penn Hip Rating: Good
( NFC; FC; AFC  Warrener's Sky Lark x  NAFC; Am.FC; Am.AFC  Juggernaut Cool Breeze)


Contact: Nathan Bowers
Phone Number 870-577-0060

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 06192021 - 02

Field Bred English Cocker Spaniels
DOB:  5/9/2021

1 Golden Male available


Sire:  AFC Saracen Pistol Pete MHA, MH12, DS
(Saracen Iceman, MHA, MH14, WDX, Open ptd x Lionheart Black River Roxie)
(Grandson of NFC FC Creignant Mordred)
Health:  Hips OFA Excellent   Eyes CERF Normal   Patella Normal. CHIC
DNA Tests - AMS, prcd-PRA & AN – Normal/Clear

Dam:  Saracen Night Hawk
(NFC FC AFC Warrener’s Sky Lark x Saracen Wind in the Willows, MH
Health:  Hips OFA Good   Eyes CAER Normal
DNA tests – AMS, prcd-PRA, DM, EIC, PFK, Xanthinuria – Normal/Clear

Pedigree on Request
Contact:  Bob Deihl or Susan Sarracino-Deihl

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 06122021 - 01

DOB 5/4/21
Price: $1200
4 females - 2 black (1 available), 1 red (sold), 1 red roan (sold) and
2 males - 1 lemon roan (available) and 1 white & black (available)


Sire: HR Northern Pike
Hips: good
Elbows: normal
Clear for all genetic diseases on Wisdom panel
(Red Creeks Little Man x Little Miss Texas Tillie)

Dam: HR FR's Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
Hips: good
Elbows: normal
Eyes: clear
Clear for all genetic diseases on Wisdom panel except AMS carrier
(NFC FC Quailmoor Quilcene MH x Ptarmigans Adventure in Raven SH)

Contact: Jessica Dowler
More info at
More pictures can be seen on our FR Labs Facebook page

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 03142021 - 01
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies
DOB: 2/23/2021- Ready to Go home end of April
Price: $1500
Four Pups, 2 Males, 1 Golden, 1 Lemon Roan, 2 Females, Blue Roan

Sire: Jett (Nohea Alexandria's Midnight Jett)
(FC Rise and Shine X Nohea Morgen At Woodwyn RN MH OA OAJ OF TKN)
- Male OFA Excellent, AN Carrier

Dam: Blue (Wild Blue Briar  at Barrister)
(NFC FC AFC Warrener's Sky Lark X Clover)

9 FC, 4 NFC within the 4 generation Pedigree.

Contact: Alex Andrzejewski
Phone Number: 989-306-3302

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 12012020 - 01
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies
DOB (11/26/2020) 

 4 White/Liver pups (4 males)


Sire:  Brandywine Ace
(National Field Champion Grandsire)

Dam:  Brandywine Polly

          Multiple Field Champs in 4 generations         
Fantastic field bred for pedigree!

Contact: Name:  Thomas Wood
Phone Number: 785-917-0904

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 09092020 - 01
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies
Whelped 8/4/20

Mccue pups

Sire: Fallen Wings Hawkeye Dunn "Hawkeye"
(FC Shoguns Hunting Star Winchester X FC Ferris Buellers Day Off)
Hawkeye won an Open at 20 months old.

Dam: FC Rosebriars Little Rumble "Winnie"
(NFC Warreners Whip Poor Will X FC Ceannacroc Rumble)
Winnie finished her FC at 17 months old

Contact Ted McCue


**** SOLD ****
For Sale 09012020 - 01
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies
DOB: 8/16/2020
Litter of 8
  1 Black & White Female Available


Sire: FC AFC Fallen Wing’s Teachers Pet (Johnny)
Dam: Winnie Winnie Win Pie

Kaylee Harreld

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 06222020 - 02
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies
Just 1 Males left!


Sire: Juggernaut Seeing Double
(Eyes-Normal, Hips-Good, Elbow-Normal)


Dam: Roxy Heart
(AON-Clear, Hips-Fair, Patella-Normal, Thyroid-Normal,
EIC-Clear, PRA-Clear,Eyes-Normal (E1:Cataract-Suspect Not Inherited)


Contact: Corey Biltz
Phone Number: 330-715-4283

For Sale 04242020 - 01
Finished Dog
DOB 4/30/2014  $5,500.00

Sire: Blue Chip Quiet Rebel (Timsgarry Kurtus x Blue Chip Penelope)

Dam: Covey Flush Nutmeg (Mallowdale Nero x Prairie Marsh Bullrush)

Health Testing:
CLEAR - DM (Paw Prints Genetics)
CLEAR - EIC (Paw Prints Genetics)
CLEAR - FN (Paw Prints Genetics)
CLEAR - PFK Deficiency (Paw Prints Genetics)
CLEAR PRA; PRCD (Paw Prints Genetics)
CLEAR  - AMS (Animal Genetics)

OFA Testing:
Hips - GOOD
Elbows - NORMAL
CAER Eye Exam 0 5/6/19 - Normal

Iris is a fully finished, amazing gundog that has been hunted independently
and flushing with pointing dogs.  She is easy to handle, a pleasure to have around,
 is fully house-trained and has produced several litters of quality cockers. 
She is fully health tested and in great shape. 
Iris has been with me since 9 weeks of age and has been an integral part
of my professional guide string
 and is working on her AKC Senior Hunter Title (until the virus hit!!)
Please feel free to call with any questions,
 an approved, quality home is a must.

Tyla Kuhn

For Sale 04242020 - 01
Finished Dog
DOB 05/12/2011  $2,000.00


Sire: Timsgarry Kurtus (Gb. FtCh Argylle Warrior) x Gb FtCh Timsgarry Kelley)

Dam: Blue Chip Penelope (Am NFC FC Creignant Mordred x Shelmar’s Hope of Blue Chip)

Health Testing:
CLEAR - DM (Paw Prints Genetics)
CLEAR - EIC (Paw Prints Genetics)
CLEAR - FN (Paw Prints Genetics)
CLEAR - PFK Deficiency (Paw Prints Genetics)
CLEAR PRA; PRCD (Paw Prints Genetics)
CLEAR  - AMS (Animal Genetics)

OFA Testing:
Hips - FAIR
Elbows - NORMAL
OFA Eye Exam - 05/16/19 - Normal (We haven’t used him for breeding since 2019)

Rebel is a fully finished, gundog that has been hunted independently and flushing with pointing dogs. 
He is easy to handle, a pleasure to have around,
and has produced several litters of quality cockers and has been fully health tested. 
Rebel has spent time in the house and would love to be someone’s hunt to hearth companion. 
He has been with us since 8 weeks of age and was used in our professional guide string
as well as a personal hunting dog for us.  
Please feel free to call with any questions,
an approved, quality home is a must.

Tyla Kuhn

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 03082020 - 02
Finished Dog

COAL is a 4 yr old male cocker


He is broke solid steady to wing and shot.
He has tons of wild bird experience.
Coal has been to the Dakotas to hunt pheasant and huns numerous times.
He has spent many days in the duck blind here in Kentucky.
He loves the water, is super steady, has an awesome nose.
He is broke steady to heel and works behind pointing breeds as a flusher.
COAL has super solid obedience training and is housebroken.
He has an off switch and can relax in the house after a hard days hunt.
COAL is an awesome GUNDOG.

Located in Scottsville,KY
I will be glad to show him in the field and he will not disappoint.

Contact: Chad Harston

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 02182020 - 01
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies

1 Blue Roan male, 3 Liver females, 1 Liver Roan female, & 1 Black & White female
pups1 pups2 pups3

Dam: Del's Holley Berry

Sire:  Springhill Skip
( NFC FC Warrener's Whip-Poor-Will X  FC Trendsetter Trinket MH)


Both Parents are AMS, PRA, PFK, FN, EIC, DM Clear and
have 8 UK and American National Champions in their lines

Contact:  John Bruggeman
443-690-8239 or PM on Facebook

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 02112020 - 01
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies
DOB 1-25-2020
$ 1200.00
  1 orange & white female available


  ash ash4   

Litter pedigree link:
COI at 10 generations 6.71%

        Sire:  FC AFC Dbltap’s Carlitos Marron MH
Penn Hip: .57, AMS: Clear, PRA: Clear

Dam:  Chequamegon-Eshod Pipperoo One Shot
OFA: Good,  AMS Carrier, PRA: Carrier, PFK: Clear, FN: Clear, EIC: Clear, DM: Clear

Contact: Kellyn Miller
Phone Number: 715-688-9099

**** SOLD ****
For Sale 02112020 - 02
Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppies
Ready April 1st after their eyes are tested
2 Black Males Available



Sire:  FC AFC Fallen Wings Teachers Pet
(NFC FC Warrener's Chuck Will's Widow MH X FC Fallen Wings Kestrel)
High Point Amateur dog 2018
Sired the 2018 Open National Champion
AMS Clear
EYES Clear


Dam:  Oahes Burnt Cookie of Doorcreek
(Ballymena's Pint of Guiness X FC AFC Corazon Chyknell Oak Cookie)
AMS clear
OFA good
Eyes clear



Exclusively at Mike’s Falconry!

Dog Trainers, Bird Hunters and Falconers will love or new Specialty vest!


We’ve made some new changes to our dog training & bird hunters vest for 2015. This vest is hand made in the USA and we have added many new features to this vest to make it the best on the market today. We have worked on this design for over four years now and we think that you will be very pleased with the design and overall quality. Our vest is made from TRUE 100% , 1000 denier blood and water proof Cordura nylon fabric and this vest will last many years if not a life time. This vest was tested by members of the California Springer club and meet with their excellent approval.

If you use live birds as part of your dog or Falcon training program, this new specialty vest is just for you.


    dtvn        dtvn   

This vest has two large front pockets on each side. The outer pocket allows you plenty of room for dog leash,
 water bottles, shot gun shells etc. The inner front pockets comes with a nylon zipper installed into the top
 of the pockets for carrying up to 2 pigeons or 2 -3 quail in each zippered and ventilated pocket.

These back zippered pockets will allow you to open the pocket flaps on each side to get into the front pocket
 and your live birds will not be able to get out. These large pockets have a nice cover flap with a strong locking
 snap that can be opened or closed with your thumb and index finger. The large front chest sections on either
side of the vest seals with Velcro and is ventilated with grommets and will easily hold a Pigeon or pheasant on
 each side. These bird planting pouches of the vest DO NOT open to the rear game bag. The rear game pouch has been
 made much large now with lower edge’s to make it easier to put game in and can easily hold two or more pheasants.
 All shoulder and waist belt straps are fully adjustable, a cooler vest in the summer that will also adjust to fit over
 a coat for winter use. There is also a nice size zipper pouch inside the vest to keep your wallet and keys safe.

We are so sure that you will love your new Specialty vest that we offer a full one year warranty
 on material and workmanship.

Our training vest are made with a little more room around the waist and chest, but when ordering you should
 be able to buy the same size you normally wear and have a good fitting vest and still have room to add birds
on both sides of this vest.

DTV1 – Small size man or woman chest size 34-36. 100 up to 160lbs.
DTV2 –Medium size man or woman chest size 38-40. 160 up to 180lb.
DTV3 – Large size man or woman chest size 42-44.  180 up 210lbs.
DTV4 – X-Large size man or woman chest size 46-48. 210 up to 250lbs
DTV5 – XX- large size man or woman chest size 50-52. 250lbs and up
DTV Specialty training & Hunting vest. $129.95.

Visit our website to order!

Exclusively at Mike’s Falconry!



Game Bird Planters Vest for Dog Training 100112


We are now offering a new one size fits all game bird planters vest that is quality
made from a strong light weight soft breathable orange canvas material that will
hold up well and last many seasons in the field.
This vest has two large 16” wide opening,
one on each side of the chest that are held shut with velcro,
they open very easily to put your game birds inside but also close tightly.
This vest is large enough to hold up to 8 to 12 large birds.

Our vest has many other added features that you will like,
including padded shoulder pads, a nice size chest pocket to carry your training
receiver in and four strong chest strap buckles to keep the vest closed tightly.
To make this vest even stronger we have double stitched all of the seams and
have added many large grommets around the back of the vest
to make it well ventilated for your game birds.

These new planter vest have been field tested here in Oregon and have proved to work very well.

PV1 Game Bird Planters Vest One Size Fits all - $89.00
If you have any questions about our new vest please contact Mike Syring at


Or call us toll free to order at 1-888-663-5601
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm PST



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English Cocker Spaniel 120804 1m 
DOB (Date)  $ (Price) 
 (Color of pups and how many) 

        Sire:  Complete registered name 
Eye Cerf:
OFA/Penn Hip Rating:

           (Sire and Dam of above male)

Dam:  Complete registered name
Eye Cerf:
OFA/Penn Hip Rating:

           (Sire and Dam of above female) 

Contact: Name _________________ 

Phone Number ________________ 

    Email: _________________________

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One Month Ad "Puppies for Sale" $25.00

Two month ad is $40.00

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