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"Our history of field trialing cocker is in danger of being lost, forgotten or, worse, misquoted."


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Continental Wing

Our chance to preserve our history and honor great dogs and people.

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Update (9/05/2012) ! ! !


English cockers in the Bird Dog Museum

We have secured space in the NEW Continental Wing at The Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, TN.

When we asked for your input last year, overwhelmingly you wanted to see a time-line depicting the history of the English Cocker Spaniel in field trials. I am pleased to report that Kate Romanski and Sue Rose have worked hard scouring the ECSCA files to put together a time line of our history. Lisa Brown has taken it further by traveling to New York, where she has dug through the AKC library and other resources for even greater information about the dogs, kennels and people who have made major contributions to the sport. We anticipate that by the end of September, we will publish a final copy of their findings on Field Cockers for all to enjoy. Their research, along with the input of many others will form the basis of our display in the Bird Dog Museum.

I am also pleased to report that we have not only reached our preliminary funding goal but slightly exceeded it. Collectively, the founding members have donated $66,000 toward our effort, $29,000 was used for our buy-in to the Bird Dog Museum and we also raised a matching $29,000 to fully fund our endowment pledge. The additional funds are being earmarked for designing and building our displays. Attached is a list of all of our sponsors and their level of contribution.

While the history was in draft form, it was distributed to all members of the Field Events Committee (FTC) and former handlers of NCC champions, as members of the Advisory Panel, for their input . They also received copies of nomination forms for them and their constituents to use in submitting names of dogs and individuals to our hall of fame. Based on input received from the questionnaires we posted on Field Cockers prior to last year’s NCC, these nomination forms were developed. I am pleased to report that the Advisory Panel has sent us 7 nominations: 4 dogs and three individuals. Your Hall of Fame Committee will further review these nominations in accordance with the by-laws. The by-law are and have been posted on this website since adopted. The ECSFTHFC will announce the names of those being recommended for induction at this year’s NCC. The actual induction ceremony will take place at the Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, Tennessee, in February 2013, together with the Hall of Fame inductees for the other breeds in the National Hall of Fame.

This has been a monumental job and the work is not done. Your committee has devoted countless hours of hard work, personal dollars and travel time to make this work. As Chairman of this committee, I am grateful for all of the help and support of all committee members and others who have taken time to provide valuable input . If you get a chance, extend your thanks to those named below who have supported us financially to make this possible.

We can now enshrine the outstanding English Cocker Spaniel field trialing dogs and those individuals who have made a significant impact on our sport through the Bird Dog Hall of Fame, housed in the Bird Dog Museum. It is a beautiful museum dedicated to the recognition of multiple breeds of field trial dogs. Click on (http://www.birddogfoundation.com/national_bird_dog_museum.htm), go to the Retriever Wing to get an idea of what the English Cocker space will look like when finished.

We appreciate the ECSCA approving the formation of our English Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Hall of Fame standing committee and contributing $15,000 toward the initial funding of space at the Bird Dog Museum. Combined with contributions from individual Founding sponsors, we have raised a total of $66,000. We still need to continue to raise additional funds to make our space something really special. We also are looking for donations of trophies and other memorabilia that we can display.

If you wish to make a donation, please contact any member of the hall of fame committee for information on how to best make the contribution.

Thanks for all your help,

Dennis N Joannides, Chairman

English Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Hall of Fame Committee

Initial funding for this project came from the following Founders and Supporters
of the English Cocker Hall of Fame.

We appreciate their generous donations:

Diamond - $10,000 or more

1. ECSCA - $15,000

2. Hob and Lisa Brown - $15,000

Platinum - $5,000

1. A.R and Ollie Ginn

2. Vicky Thomas

3. Memory of William Drake

Gold - $2,500

1. Kim & Bethann Wiley

2. Sue & Robert Rose

3. Donna & Dennis Joannides

4. Robert Deihl & Susan Saracino-Deihl

5. Kate Romanski

Silver - $1,000

1. Harold Bixby

2. Hudson & Mary Nichols

3. George & Noel Cacchio

4. Richard & Johanne Dixon

Bronze - $500

1. Buzz & Susan Benson

2. Steve & Peggy Collins

3. Rodney & Bobbie Beck

4. Jeff & Carole Janousek

5. Mid-East Gun Team

6. Terry Reckart

7. Barbara Haupt

8. Sheryl Mayo

9. North Dakota Sporting Spaniel Club

Supporters - $25-$499

Bev Bettridge, Annemarie Bouteiller, Fred W. Bradley, Jr., R. William & Patricia Donnally, John Erdman II Karen & Stephen Roebuck,
Laetitia & Ryan Patino, Jane Rector, Theodore & Margaret Fedun, Pete Rizzo, David Robinson, Shelley Heunengardt,
Suzanne R. Wilson (Dublin, Ohio), Albert Viotto


Additional contributions should be made payable and mailed to “ECSCA, Hall of Fame”, c/o Karen Spurlin, Treasurer; PO Box 760, Tracyton, WA 98393.
Please email a copy to Dennis Joannides, so we can acknowledge your contribution djoannides2@gmail.com

Questions?  Contact any member of the Hall of Fame Committee

Your English Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Hall of Fame Committee members:

Dennis Joannides, Chairman
AR Ginn, Southern Region Representative
Barbara Haupt, Eastern Region Representative
Hob Brown, Western Region Representative
Larry Hansen, Mid West Representative
Sue Rose, Member At-Large

303-378-5603 or Djoannides2@gmail.com
713 824-4620 or AR@arginn.net
207 701-1470 or talefeathers1@gmail.com
701 673-3272 or bowwowbrown@gmail.com
507-993-9557 or prairiemarshkennel@gmail.com
517 676-4168 or roses@msu.edu

Hall of Fame Commiittee Meeting Minutes:

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